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DriveSHOE Closed Ended Conductor Driving Shoe
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

The Caledus DriveSHOE range is a series of large diameter closed-end shoes used during subsea conductor driving operations for top-hole sections. Equipped with Aluminium parabolic noses or flat Aluminium plates the DriveSHOE prevents soft surface formation from entering the conductor while it is being hammered and driven in. This form of conductor driving is advantageous for a number of reasons, conductors can be driven deeper as the accumulative friction is reduced and can be surveyed whilst driving due to the fact that no formation material is travelling up the inner diameter of the conductor. The ability to survey conductors on multiple well templates is advantageous for collision avoidance reasons. This form of conductor driving is carried out in areas where no cuttings or formation are permitted/desired to be spilled out onto the seabed or where reactive formations cannot be subjected to circulation of drilling fluids. Caledus supplies two main types of DriveSHOE, DrillTHRU and DriveTHRU.

The DrillTHRU design is a parabolic Aluminium nose threaded and locked to the end of a prepared conductor joint or dedicated pup, and is drilled out once in position. Drillable internal guide landing rings, to accept single shot survey tools, can be provided as part of the DrillTHRU shoe assembly.

The DriveTHRU design is a flat bottomed Aluminium plate shear pinned to the end of a prepared conductor joint or dedicated pup and is knocked off and displaced aside by a subsequent conductor string, equipped with a DrillTHRU shoe once in position.

A DriveTHRU shoe followed by a DrillTHRU shoe means that two different sizes of conductor can be driven into place, before any drilling needs to take place.

Available in most conductor size and wall thickness combinations
Aluminium alloys used are easily drillable/millable

Users of DriveSHOE can reduce Opex, risk, and drive conductors deeper. Technical Specification

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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