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EzeeGLIDER« Solid Bodied Composite/Thermoplastic Centraliser
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

The Caledus EzeeGLIDER« Composite Casing Centraliser is the ultimate in down-hole centralisation, offering field proven lower friction coefficients leading to superior drag and rotational torque reduction. High abrasion resistant proprietary engineered polymer ensures maximum stand-off at TD. Robust enough to meet the challenges of todayĺs most demanding wells.

The EzeeGLIDER« is available in BOS21 standard grade polymer composite and BOS22 self lubricating polymer composite for low friction WBM applications. The tools come complete with integral metal anti-swage rings inset into each end. Available in Spiral (22-25░) or Passive (5░) angle bladed configurations. Both blade styles are water-melon shaped to pass through windows, washouts and tight spots.

The Passive (5░) angle EzeeGLIDER« has been developed and tested in conjunction with one of the industryĺs leading Horizontal Open Hole Gravel Packing solutions providers, to ensure that during Gravel Pack Sand Pumping Operations the sand can be pumped past the centraliser without the danger of early screen out.

Features/Benefits: Applications:
Ultra Low Friction Factors Sand Control Screens
Provides Low Drag & Torque Extended reach/horizontal wells
Extreme Durability Rotating cemented liners
Thermally stable from -40░C to 245░C Drilling with casing/liner
Exceptional Chemical Inertness Production riser/tubing insulation
Safe Manual Handling Multi-laterals/window exits
High quality self-aligning friction grip stop collars available to suit all sizes Protection of open hole packers/ accessories Tough open hole conditions

The EzeeGLIDER« is the engineerĺs centraliser of choice when evaluated against technical and commercial criteria across a broad range of applications.

EzeeGLIDER«s are Manufactured from Proprietary Engineered Composite Materials

- Moulded during high pressure high temperature process
- Spiral Blades 22-25░ and melon shaped
- Passive Straight Blades 5░ and melon shaped
- Patented Anti-Swage Rings incorporated in each end
- Generous By-Pass Area provided
- Numerous Pipe x Hole size configurations available
- Low Weight
- Premium Self-Aligning Stop Collars also available

EzeeGLIDER«s have Material Properties that Prove Extremely Beneficial in Oil and Gas Wells
- Ultra Low Friction Factors-
BOS21 material in OBM Typically 0.10-0.15
BOS22 material in WBM Typically lower than 0.10
- Provides Low Drag & Torque
- Extreme Durability
- Thermally Stable from -40░C (-38░F) to 245░C (473░F)
- Exceptional Chemical Inertness
- Thermally and Electrically Insulating material
- Safe Manual Handling

EzeeGLIDER«s are Suited to a Wide Variety of Oil and Gas Well Applications
- Sand Control Screens, standalone and gravel-packed
- Extended Reach/Horizontal Wells
- Rotating Cemented Liners or Casings
- Drilling with Casing or Liner
- Multi-laterals/Window Exits
- Production Riser/Tubing Thermal Insulation
- Protection of Open Hole Packers/Accessories
- Tough Open Hole Conditions

Polymers have significant advantages over conventional metal alloys and are already used in defense, automotive and heavy industry
- Outstanding Strength
- Low Density
- Extremely Low Friction Factors
- High Impact Values
- Thermally Stable
- Virtually Inert to all known Oilfield Chemicals
- Electrically and Thermally Insulating
- Outstanding Abrasion Resistance

Thermoplastic meets or exceeds the physical properties of Alloy Metals used in some other centralisers

 BOS 21Zinc AlloyAl Alloy
Toughness (Impact Strength ft/lb)301330
Strength:(Yield Strength GPA)22822170
Density (s.g.)
Max Service Temperature (░C/░F)45 / 473?to 175 / 347
Friction Factor (Dry)
Start - up torquelittleup to 40%up to 40%

EzeeGLIDER«s are designed for:
- Axial & radial compression of 30 tonnes (66,000lbs)
- Max rotational velocity of casing 200 rpm in water/oil
- Melon shaped blades allow access through loss zones & tight spots - also help cuttings flow past in dirty holes
- Anti-Swage rings enable driving through tight spots
- Yet they are machinable/millable

Exceptional Chemical Resistance
Excellent resistance (<10% strength reduction over 30 days immersion): Acetone ; Isopropanol ; Methylene Chloride; Methyl Ethyl Ketone ; Toluene ; N-heptane; 1,1,1, Trichloroethylene ; Sodium Chloride (10%); Ammonium Hydroxide ; Sodium Hydroxide (10%); Sulphuric Acid (36%); Brake Fluid ; Diesel Fuel ; JP-4 Jet Fuel; Motor Oil ; Power Steering Fluid ; Transmission Fluid; Gasoline
Acceptable resistance (>10% but <50% strength reduction over 30 days): Zinc Chloride ; Methanol

Better for the Environment, and Better for People
Manual Handling
EzeeGLIDERĺs weigh 4x less than metal alloy equivalents:
150x 9-5/8ö EzeeGLIDER = 450 kg, in zinc 1800 kg thus reducing the possibility of handling related back injuries providing a safer system of work.
Smelting 1800 kg of zinc is unpleasant process, energy intensive and produces several toxic by products.
EzeeGLIDERĺs use polymers based upon hydrocarbons - the ultimate recycling

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

Success Story No. 102
ôCan doö is no match for ôhave doneö

Well Challenge:

Extended reach well with 9,000ĺTVD and total measured length of 23,000ĺ, exiting through a window at 71 degrees with an aggressive faced whipstock. Planned 7,000ĺ of 5-1/2ö completion with liner hanger packer, well screens and swellable packers. Multiple (9) coal seams and undulating well profile in excess of 109 degrees and then 90 degree horizontal section to TD.

Client concerns:
- Initially about exiting the window and the high potential for re-entering should the liner completion assembly not be able to reach full setting depth.
- High frictional forces that could necessitate rotation of the wells screens and swellable packers in order to reach target setting depth.
- High side load forces through undulating coal seams and requirement for positive standoff across producing zone.

TD SolutionÖ:
Using client provided well and survey data BOScalcÖ predictive models were run using a range of historical field friction factors as well as those for BOS21 material type EzeeGLIDER« 2000 centralisers. Models were also run to simulate standoff effects with up to 1ö loss of centraliser OD. BOScalcÖ came back reporting significant friction reduction with no compressive failure of workstring and acceptable standoff across producing zone.

Head to head comparative testing across the aggressive whipstock face was done and the Caledus Ezee-GLIDER« 2000 did not bind or jam as did other metal products.

Based on BOScalcÖ reports Caledus proposed client run (2) EzeeGLIDER« 2000 Spiral Centralisers per joint, (377) total, with single units on each of the first two joints to provide a flexible guide to initiate window exit. Spacing of EzeeGLIDER«s 2000 was designed to provide maximum flexibility for both running and retrieving the assembly should well stability issues necessitate.

After several days dealing with some major hole stability issues the client ran the the 5-1/2ö liner completion with no issues exiting the window. They reported historically low friction factors for the field and no requirement to rotate the completion assembly at any point during the operation.
Client will utilize EzeeGLIDER« 2000 Centralizers on future wells and is also interested in looking at incorporating a SingleRUNÖ Motor on future completions as a contingency to the 4-5 days of hole conditioning required prior to running this completion. Of note, hole issues did require the client to shorten the length of the final liner completion string to deal only with the targeted zone of interest, whereas the initial plan of the longer assembly was to also have access to a lower zone as well.

See Specification Sheet here.

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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