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The Micro-Coring Bits
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

The Micro-Coring bit (MCB) is the latest DDS drill bit technology innovation, resulting from extended R&D program led in collaboration with TOTAL S.A. R&D Deeply Buried Reservoir department.
The Micro-Coring Bit allows the generation of a micro-core of the formation being drilled in the center area of the bit, where the cutting structure is interrupted.

(1) While drilling, the micro-core advances to its nominal size and reaches a PDC stop.
(2) A lateral force is then applied on the micro-core, inducing the failure.
(3) The micro-core is led to the annular via an evacuation area. This area is a larger and deeper slot between the 2 front blades. This evacuation area always remains open, preventing any risk of bit plugging.

Micro-Coring Benefits

By comparison with similar conventional drill bits, the MCB brings, thanks to its specific design the following benefits:
Cuttings quality Improvement (size, shape) for any further geomechanical investigation. This effect is still emphasized in hard rock environment where standard cuttings sizes are reduced due to the low depth of cut achieved in these strengthen formations.

Illustration: Micro-Cores chunks collected during a 16 SDC 849 run Saudi Aramco

Cutting efficiency improvement, resulting in higher ROP:
The No Center Bit Design effect of the MCB saves a significant part of the energy used in the cutting action of the bit. Applying this available energy to the reduced cutting structure allows the production of a higher depth of cut, increasing the cutting efficiency and overall ROP of the bit. The ROP improvement ratio will be directly related to the micro-core dimension and bit size.

Bit Design Features
The specific MCB design can be applied in all conventional drill bit application (PDC, Impregnated or hybrid cutting structure).
8 1/2 SPC 823
PDC Bit - 20mm Core dia
OMV Pakistan
98m @ 8.1 m/h
1- 1-WT-O-X-I-NO-TD
8 1/2 SSC 123
Impreg Bit - 20mm Core dia
MOL Pakistan
110m - 3 runs - 2.28m/h
8 1/2 SDC823
Dual - 15mm Core dia
Sonatrach - Algeria
234m @ 2.65m/h - Dir (1.85 DLS)

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