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Rotates the end of the casing without having to turn the whole string from surface. The NaviGATOR Sub can make the difference to orientating the end of the string from below when rotation cannot be driven from above.

The Caledus NaviGATOR Sub is a casing based tool, run as an accessory, which ratchets and turns round the end of a casing or liner string by simply reciprocating the pipe. Each time the end of the string is picked up and set down again the end of the Navigator rotates around a number of degrees to the right, between 60 and 90 degrees depending on tool size. This means that 4 or 6 reciprocations will turn the device through a full rotation.

A casing reamer shoe (Caledus BridgeBUSTER) or guide shoe (Caledus SlickSHOE) with an eccentric profiled nose, or similar third party device, can be placed below the NaviGATOR so that the relative rotational motion from reciprocation can be used to orientate the nose over or past obstructions. The NaviGATOR Sub is a particularly useful tool if the casing or liner cannot be rotated for good reason whilst running in the hole. The tool can be used on cemented or uncemented casing strings and liners as well as stand-alone or gravel-packed sand control screens.

To avoid pulling the casing, liner or screens and having to perform a wiper trip the NaviGATOR Sub can be used to gain vital rotation at the end of the string to get to TD (Total Depth).
Available in most standard casing/liner versus open-hole combinations.
Drill-out ID matchs casing being run, no parts to drill inside tool.
Flow-by areas have been maximised for circulation and cementation.
Strength to suit casing specifications.
Supplied with customer specified casing connections.
Simple to install and use, no operator required.

Technical Specification:
Description Value Units
General Data
Model Number NV095-00
Dimensional Data
Outer Diameter (nominal) 10.750inches
Inner Diameter (nominal)8.563inches
Inner Diameter (drift)8.500inches
Upper/Lower Connection size 9.625inches
Upper/Lower Connection Weight 40 - 47pounds per foot
Upper/Lower Connection Thread As per Customer Requirements
Overall Length 79.2inches
Compressed Length 74.2inches
Tool Weight (approx) 600lbs
Technical Data
Tool Ratings
Material Minimum Yield 110,000psi
Tensile Strength 500klbs
Compressive Strength500klbs
Torsional Limit 30,000ft-lbs
Internal Pressure (burst) 5,000psi
External Pressure (collapse) 5,000psi
Down-hole Temperature (max) 200F

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