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The Caledus RotoTEC Friction Reducer is a drill-pipe deployed tool designed to eliminate casing wear and reduce torque and drag in the drill string. Unwanted casing wear and torque and drag can occur when the drill pipe tool joints come into contact with the casing under side-load during any pipe movement creating a frictional load between the surfaces. High frictional load can threaten the casing integrity whilst increasing both the torque at surface and drag forces.

RotoTEC can eliminate casing wear and reduce torque and drag significantly by providing low friction free rotating positive stand-off surfaces.

Casing wear protection in new or old wells
Torque and/or drag reduction
Reduce drill-string drag during lower completion installations i.e. sand screens/liner running
Enhanced limited rig capability/reduce stress on surface equipment
Drilling Riser protection

The RotoTEC Tool - Comprises a free rotating outer body called the Protector Sleeve and an internal Pipe Sleeve. These parts are constructed from a composite material, which is highly durable, chemically inert and made from a self-lubricating polymer with a low coefficient of friction. The superior bearing qualities, allow surfaces to take higher loads, speeds and temperatures. Furthermore the high strength of the composite allows for generous fluting, optimising flow by area thus minimising the effects on the ECD. The sleeves are fixed by robust upper and lower retaining clamps. The Pipe Sleeve, which is unique to RotoTEC, prevents rotating parts contacting the drill pipe, negating any wear that may be caused when abrasive particles are present in the drilling fluid and pass under the sleeve.

Model Number RT065-AL01
Drill Pipe6.625 inches
Outer Diameter 9.250 7.300 8.250 inches
Inner Diameter 7.424 6.625 6.625 inches
Length 7.000 10.270 4.000 Inches
Type Hinged Split Hinged
Material Thermo plastic Thermo plastic Aluminium
Rotation Speed (max) 160 rpm
Rotations * 2,000,000 revs
Operating Temperature
(max) 330F
Side Load (max) 3,000 lbs
Torque Reduction
(typical) * 35 % %
Drag Reduction
(typical) * 27 % %
Fitting Time 2 mins
Axial Force to Slip 11,000 lbs
Axial Force to Split 80,000 lbs

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

Success Story No. 101
Can do is no match for have done

Well Challenge:

Shallow extended reach heavy oil wells in Alberta, Canada. Typical wells ran between 600 to 800m TVD and 3100 to 3500m MD. As a result of the short vertical when drilling with 5 DP beyond 2500m torque and drag increased to the point that drilling has to be stopped short of the targeted measured depth.

Wells (6) were drilled from a pad with either a single or dual lateral well bore. The rig would first drill and case all (6) vertical sections and then begin to drill the laterals to TD and run slotted liner completions.

In the case of dual laterals the first well would be drilled and completed with the slotted liner and then a window cut and the second lateral drilled and slotted liner run.

TD Solution:

Caledus RotoTEC Friction Reducer non-rotating drill pipe protectors were proposed to be run on 5 HW Drill Pipe when torque levels started to increase. Caledus field engineer and the company reps worked out an on-site placement program based on past experience and review of logs and survey data.

The operator typically would initiate drilling the lateral section with standard 5 drill pipe and when approaching
torque limits start adding their HWDP with (2) RotoTECs per joint. This configuration would address sideload forces and facilitate drilling both rotationally and by sliding pipe. The RotoTECs were only run inside casing so typical requirements only ran 70-100 units per well.

The operator would skid the rig on the pad and had the luxury of being able to keep the RotoTEC assemblies on the HWDP which also contributed in shortening the time required to drill each lateral section.


As RotoTEC units on the HWDP were added there was a 30 35% reduction in torque noted and the lateral legs wells were drilled to planned measured depth in 1-2 days whereas in the past it would take up to 4-5 days with no guarantee that they would reach TD. The benefits to the client were twofold in that the wells were drilled several days sooner and to full depth.

In one field the client used 8 casing and in another 9, no ECD issues were encountered in either casing string, but as a contingency Caledus provided the client with a modified protector design that provided an additional 20% TFA inside the 8 wells should ECD become an issue.

To date the client has used Caledus RotoTEC in (45) wells and continues to do so whenever torque values are seen to increase.

Success Story No. 105
Can do is no match for have done

Well Challenge:

BG Tunisia had to drill and complete a 4850m MD well on the Bireno East Field offshore Tunisia. Initial Caledus modelling of the S shape profile showed that torque in excess of 40,000ft.lbs would be required to drill the 8 1/2 hole and over 52000ft.lbs would be required to drill the 6 hole section. In addition to this there were concerns over possible casing wear to overcome due to the relatively high side loads (in excess of 4800lbs in the 8 1/2 hole and 5600lbs in the 6 hole respectively).

TD Solution:
Caledus modelled the drill string applying RotoTEC Friction Reducer tools at 2 tools per joint in order to withstand and spread the high side loads. The low friction self lubricating free rotating sleeves keeps the drill pipe from contacting the well bore, thereby taking away the potential for casing wear and reducing the friction factor seen with steel on steel when drill pipe is rotating on casing, to the low factors provided by the RotoTEC tools.

347 tools were applied to the 5 1/2 drill string in total and the string was tripped 5 times in total carrying out both drilling the 8 1/2 and 6 hole and 7 x 4 1/2 liner running operations.

Torque was reduced by 30% on the 8 1/2 hole section and 25% on the 6 hole
RotoTEC tools subjected to over 1/2 million revolutions
Only 3 tools were removed from the string throughout the well operations , due to normal wear an tear
No tools or parts thereof were damaged to beyond use

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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