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SingleRUN Motor
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

The Caledus SingleRUN Motor is non-serviceable down-hole drilling motor designed to be economical enough to be disposed of and left in the well when run on the bottom of a final string casing or liner. They have the same output performance as serviceable reusable motor but are engineered for a minimum 100 hours running life. The motors can be cemented through but would be supplied with a rupture disc sub arrangement to by-pass in the event of motor or drill bit blockage.

The motors will allow drill bits or mills, or reaming shoes to be rotated by pumping alone without the need to rotate the whole string as an aid to getting casing or liner strings back to bottom in already drilled holes, or allow deepening of open holes with the casing or liner in the well. The planned use of the SingleRUN Motor may eliminate the need for a costly wiper trip prior to running the final casing or liner string. They should be considered in historically troublesome areas to reduce the risk of NPT.

The uses for sacrificial motors are numerous:
Final casing strings that cannot be rotated to bottom
Cemented completions that cannot be rotated or easily retrieved once near bottom
Sand control screens that cannot be rotated to bottom
Troublesome liner installations that cannot be rotated easily
Drilling deeper into the reservoir with any of the above to avoid an extra short bit run

Sizes Available: 2 1/2, 3 1/8, 3 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

Applications, Benefits, Typical Job Set-up

SingleRUN Motors are easy to pick up and use and do not complicate final string installation operations
Difficult open hole wellbore conditions
Final string cemented casings or liners
Sand control screens
Cemented completions
Getting complicated final strings to TD with many accessories
Drilling new formation at TD with casing or liner
Drilling up cement plugs set on prior drilling trip due to losses

SingleRUN Motors can save rig time and reduce the incidence of NPT
Cost effective to use and is new manufacture not used
Can eliminate need for wiper trip prior to running casing or liner
Rotate end of string when full string rotation is not possible
Drill/ream casing or liner back to TD by pumping alone
Does not complicate job even with hydraulic liner hanger

Simple addition to standard Liner Hanger hook-up does not alter anything normally run above shoe track
Typical Job Set-up for 8 1/2 OH and 7 liner (bottom up):
8 1/2 Roller Cone Rock Bit (new or used) 4 1/2 Reg pin up
Bit-sub/over, 3 1/2 Reg pin up x 4 1/2 Reg box down
4 1/2 SingleRUN Motor (5/6 lobe, 3 stage), 3 1/2 Reg box x box
Rupture Disk Sub* (3 x 1200psi disks at 120 degrees) 3 1/2 Reg box up by 3 1/2 Reg pin down
Crossover to 7 29# Vam Top HT box x 3 1/2 Reg pin
Float Collar with required quantity of cementing non-return valves
Landing Collar for Liner Hanger cementing plugs
7 29# Vam Top HT liner, length as required (c/w EzeeGLIDERs!)
7 x 9 Hydraulic Liner Hanger, pinned for 1800psi for setting pressure
5 DP to surface
* Since 2009 Rupture Disks may be fitted to motor top sub rather than separate sub for cost saving

Technical Specification:
General Data
Model NumberSRM066-5L-6
Motor Specifications
Description Imperial Metric
Tool OD 6-3/4 172 mm
Weight 2878 lbs 1,305 kg
Length 27.4 ft 8.36 m
Lobe Configuration 5.6
Number of Stages 6
Running Life (min) 100 hours
Bit Speed (full load) 80180 rpm
Temperature Rating * 120 C 250 F
Flow Rate 250 - 600 gpm 946 - 2271 lpm
Torque (max) 7840 ft-lbs 10630 N-m
Power (max) 203 hp 151 kw
Diff. Pressure (full load) 900 psi 6205 kpa
Diff. Pressure (max torque) 1200 psi 8274 kpa
Bit Pressure Drop (max) 1500 psi 10300 kpa
Weight on Bit (max) 75000 lbs 333 kN
Top Connection (Box) 4 1/2 Reg / 4 1/2 XH
Bit Connection (Box) 4 1/2 Reg

* The motor can be run at elevated temperatures to that shown, but this will decrease the life of the motor, even if run for limited or short periods.

SingleRUN Motor includes:
Crossover sub with upper API box connection
Multi-lobe, multi stage power section
Performance coupling with straight housing
Mud-lubrcated bearing assembly
Integral output shaft with lower API box connection

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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