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ERD SwivelMASTER Sand Screen Deployment Tool
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

The Caledus ERD SwivelMASTER is a drill-pipe deployed tool designed primarily to aid sand control screens to be run in ERD/Horizontal wells to reach the planned TD (Total Depth). It is particularly useful when the horizontal displacement or step-out is disproportionately greater than the vertical component of the well. In ERD/Horizontal wells there is often insufficient down weight available to the driller to push screens or other lower tubulars into the well without picking up Drill Collars or HWDP or by breaking the frictional drag through rotation, but it is often not desirable to rotate the lower string (perhaps with delicate accessories) for fear of damage. Picking up DCs and/or HWDP is time consuming and can be hazardous.

The tool allows the upper drill-pipe to be rotated whilst running in the hole, with tension or compression at the tool, without rotation or torque being applied to the string below. The ability to rotate the drill-pipe in ERD/horizontal wells whilst running in is advantageous due to the fact that frictional drag is reduced and helical buckling is mitigated. The reduction in drag makes more surface weight available in the ERD/Horizontal well. This in turn makes it easier to observe and apply the necessary safe and measured down-weight to aid getting to TD.

The Caledus ERD SwivelMASTER can be used in applications where it is advantageous to rotate the upper drill string independently of the string below but still have the ability to engage the torque path if required.

Significantly the ERD SwivelMASTER can be functioned once, by the application of a predetermined pressure, to permanently lock and enable full rotation and torque to be transmitted through the whole drill-pipe string to the pipe below. The pressure that functions the tool usually comes from the device required to set a liner hanger or packer and release its running tool. Caledus also recommends an alternative independent means to function the tool with a pump-down rupture disk wiper dart and catcher sub positioned below the ERD SwivelMASTER (Activation DartCATCHER).

The ERD SwivelMASTER is equipped with rotary shouldered drill pipe connection box up and pin down, ready to pick-up and run in the hole at the desired position, usually at the base of the drill string.

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

The ERD SwivelMASTER reduces cost and risk through improved operational efficiency providing all of the following benefits:
Eliminates, in most cases, the need for any dedicated landing string or use of heavy weight and drill collars.
Allows screens to be deployed on the same pipe that drilled the well, eliminating rental costs.
Takes only 10 minutes to install compared with days of rig time modifying the running string and fitting drag reduction tools.
Does not alter the work string tally.
Eliminates the drop hazard from clamp on tools in the derrick.
Simple to operate and proven to be reliable with 100% track record.
Allows even longer ERD wells to be constructed and even longer ERC (Extended Reach Completions) to be installed.
Can also be used to deploy liners that have connection or running tool limitations.
Can be used to deploy TCP guns and packers.
Can be locked when at setting depth and provide full work string rotational integrity, to allow further operations to continue as planned.

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Product sales presentation

Product Data Sheet. Technical Operating Parameters
3-1/2 Drill Pipe w/ 3-1/2 I.F. Connections
5 Drill Pipe w/ 4-1/2 I.F. Connections
5-7/8 Drill Pipe w/ 5-7/8 XT 57 Connections

For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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