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TruGAGE Casing Scraper (Bladed Casing Scraper)
for sale in Russia/Caspian: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan

TruGage Casing Scraper removes casing burrs, scale, cement sheath, hard mud deposits, corrosion products.

The well cleaning system removes thin, low-permeable filter cake consisting of lost circulations materials, emulsions, and other unwanted materials that can have adverse effects on the recovery of drilling and completion fluids and the environment. The cleaning system removes mineral oils, organic oils, thread compounds, and chemical residue, leaving a clean water-wet metal surface.

The system saves hours of circulating downtime, completion fluid filtration, and fishing problems. And, because there are minimum contaminants, such as formation fines and emulsions for drilling mud particles, there is little formation damage.

The well cleaning system comprises four mechanical wellbore clean-up tools designed to clean casing and remove debris from the well during clean-up operations. To achieve optimum results, the cleaning system should be used with the company's well wash displacement chemicals to ensure a clean fluid system.

The first component of the well cleaning system is the fluid-actuated circulating sub/riser jetting tool, a multiple activation tool that facilitates increased annular velocities during well clean-up and displacement operations.

The TruGage casing scraper is designed to scrape the casing wall and remove cement mud, scale, paraffin, and other debris during displacement operations. The downhole debris filter (DDF) vacuums foreign material from the wellbore during displacement completion, fishing, milling, and workover operations.

The final component of the well cleaning system is the RuffPup, a casing brush tool.

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