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Valves and Unions
Gate Valve, Mud Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Plug Valve

1. Gate Valves:

Gate valves manufactured by Kingrig are available in temperature classes L, P, R, S, T, and U specified in API 6A. Gate valves to be used in the 350°C or 650°C high temperature can be supplied on request. Fire-proof gate valves also can be supplied to API 6A. Gate valves manufactured by our company are available in 2000psi, 3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi and 15000psi working pressure, material classes from AA through FF, product specification levels (PSL) from 1 through 3 and performance requirement (PR) 1, 2.

·Simple structure and renewable gate and seat assembly.
·One-piece and double-acting gate with long service life.
·Both thrust bearings with large load capacity and composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing minimize operational torque.
·Bearing cap is provided with a grease cup to make it easy to inject lubricating grease in the field.
·Threaded packing gland allows removal of bearings and stem packing under line pressure.
·Both the bolted bonnet and modern bonnet seal ring provide simple structure and reliable sealing.
·The sealing surfaces of the gate and seat are hard faced for wear and corrosion resistance.
·Wave springs are installed between the body and seat and between the gate and seat. The gate and seat still maintain a positive metal to metal seal under low pressure.
·Floating gate design requests the hand wheel to be backed off 1/4 turn after its rotation can go no further.

2. Choke Valves:

The class 900# (2,025 psi) and 1,500# (3,375 psi) drilling chokes are the most widely used and respected well-killing and high-pressure-control drilling chokes in the industry. these chokes have been especially effective when used during well kicks, well testing and well cleanup operations. They are designed and manufactured for H2S and abrasive-fluid applications and in accordance with API and NACE standards.
Features High-pressure drilling chokes. Built to handle class 900# to 1,500# (2,025 psi to 3,375 psi), the chokes are precision engineered for precise well control.

Unique choke-plate design. Heavy-duty, diamond-lapped tungsten-carbide plates are honed to a flatness measured by lightbands and feature unique half-moon-shaped orifices. Rotation of the actuator fork allows finite regulation of the size of the opening from full open to full close.
Positive closure. A 17° deadband overlap beyond the full-close position is designed to ensure closure even if the plates become worn following extended exposure to abrasive-laden fluid flow.
Pressure drops or surges don’t affect the quality of the seal in the plate-to-plate design. In fact, the seal improves under pressure.
Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves. Hardfacing on wear sleeves increases in-service life. Extended wear sleeves are available to absorb effects of abrasive downstream turbulence, especially during underbalanced drilling operations.
Versatile. Ideal for onshore and offshore applications. Controls can be operated from either remote or onsite consoles.

Built for the oilfield
Precision engineered
Handles class 900# to 1,500 #
Unique choke-plate design
Provides positive closure
Tungsten-carbide wear sleeves extend in-service life
Versatile for onshore and offshore applications
Delivers precise well control
Seal actually improves under pressure
Controls can be operated from
either remote or onsite consoles


3. Mud Valves:

Kingrig manufactures mud valve with reliability, safety, heavy load and corrosion resistance, which is used for a number of oilfield applications, including:
1. drilling standpipe manifold; 2.pump manifold block valves; 3. HP mud mixing lines; 4. HP drilling system block valve; 5. wellheads; 6.well treatment and fracture service; 7.production manifolds; 8. product gathering systems; 9. product flow line.
There are two models of sealing mechanism adopted in sanyi mud valve, that of metal to metal seal, and soft seal.

Metal seal mud valve features:
·Long service time for carbide coated disc and seat
·Easy to check the status of valve due to rising stem structure
·Change stem packing without removal of bonnet
·Field maintenance design allows checking the situation of internal parts by opening bonnet and changing valve’s parts without removing it from pipeline. Soft seal mud valve features
·All parts are interchangeable with DEMCO gate valve manufactured by Cameron.
·In line field repair ability
The bonnet is easily removed for internal parts inspection and/or replacement without removing the valve from the line; this design simplicity permits fast and easy service without the need for special tools.
·Floating slab gate design
A slab gate with T slot stem connection allows the gate to float to the seat providing a tighter pressure responsive seal.


4. Check Valves:

Check valve effects seal between valve cartridge and body by fluid pressure, the higher the fluid pressure, the better seal effected. The chamber could contain pressure in pipes all the time.
The body is made of forging alloy steel, with superior mechanical property, pressure endurance, safety and reliability.
Bonnet is connected with valve body with bolts. It has seals on bonnet and inner wall of body. Fitting space between bonnet and body is designed to zero so as to minimize loading on bolts and the corrosive of bolts and holes.
Carbide sealing surface has good anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance, the material of valve cartridge is fabricated of anti-sulfide steel, the other parts is made with hardness limiting method, the valve is suitable for H2S service.
Main Technical Parameters:
Working Pressure: 2,000 ~ 15,000psi
Nominal Bore Diameter: 2-1/16” ~ 7-1/16”
Temperature Class: K ~ V
Specification Level: PSL 1 ~ 4
Performance Requirement: PR 1 ~ 2
Material Class: AA ~ FF
Working Medium: crude oil and natural gas


5. Plug Valves:

Plug valve is a necessary part that is applied to highpressure manifold in well cementing and fracture service, also selected for HP fluid control system. It is excellent for its compact structure, easy maintenance, low torque, and rapid operation.
The outlets of plug valve are FIG 1502 union connections (other connections on request), cylinder fits between body and wear bush, and seal rings are inlaid into outer of wear bush for good seal performance.
Main technical parameters:
Working Pressure: 2,000 ~ 15,000psi
Nominal Bore Diameter: 2” and 3”
Temperature Class: K ~ V
Specification Level: PSL 1 ~ 4
Performance Requirement: PR 1 ~ 2
Material Class: AA ~ EE
Working Medium: crude oil and natural gas


6. Unions:

High pressure union is forged and made of high strength alloy steel with imported word-class technology .Strict heat treatment ensures uniform metallographic structure and bearing capacity in the connector.The materials used fully comply with ASTM and AISI of USA,and the technical indices of the product with API Spec 16C standard.The product is tight and reliable,and provides easy mounting and dismantling and good exchangeability.The connector of theproduct allows for pipeline thread, oiltube thread and butt weld or pressureless seal end.
Size and Model:

Figure100, Figure200 ,Figure206, Figure211, Figure400, Figure300,

Figure600, Figure402, Figure1002, Figure602, Figure1003, Figure1502,

Figure2002, Figure2202.


For detailed info on the product or service, including its price and delivery terms, drop us a line in English or Russian at or call at 007-495-542-0468 (English, Russian).

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